if you fail like me

  I’ve been fortunate to have many wonderful things to share and celebrate this past year (the graduation of one sibling from college, the wedding of another, learning I’d become an uncle for the first time), and those will stay as some of my happiest memories. Unlike most years past, however, the end of 2017 […]

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if you look like me

2013 In a middle school on the outside of the city, a test was being given to a group of 7th graders. With such a big test, anxieties were a little higher – both for students and teachers. One student, whom we’ll call Greg, thought it was a good idea to rapidly click his pen […]

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practice makes joy

The kids at school can get pretty bent out of shape about a lot of different things. Student A says they can’t work or sit with Student B because they don’t get along with them. A few even complain about other teachers, saying they hate going to a certain class because Mister or Miss So-And-So […]

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gratitude in the grind

At this point in the year, it seems everyone is ready for the holidays; the kids are ornery, the teachers crabby. Much of my own daily happenings are routine by now, adding to the mundane atmosphere. All in all, it can be a blah mood within the walls of Perspectives.  But even in the gloom, […]

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